Matthew Olenik

[email protected]

B.S. Software Engineering
Rochester Institute of Technology


  • 11+ years of experience in software engineering with a focus on devops, backend services, infrastructure, builds and CI/CD pipelines, developer tools
  • 5+ years working with AWS and building infrastructure within AWS, especially with building secure complex network and VPC topologies
  • Deep expertise with Terraform, including writing new Terraform providers and building custom tooling around Terraform
  • Wide language experience with deep expertise in Go and C#, high competency in TypeScript/JavaScript, Java, C++, strict Bash, and good familiarity with Python, Ruby, Scala
  • Solid understanding of computing fundamentals including networking, operating systems, distributed systems, security, programming language theory, software correctness and testing
  • Consistently identifies engineering problems and solutions, owning projects from spec/design phase, build, test, document, deployment and support
  • Comfortable with high pressure on-call support e.g. live debugging, production incident response, and root cause analysis

Harpoon Principal Software Engineer

May 2023 — November 2023

No-code Kubernetes Platform

  • Built out complete infrastructure-as-code solution for deploying the product into Amazon EKS
    • Responsible for technical direction of all staging and production infrastructure
    • Base of Terraform for all essential AWS infra, such as VPC configuration, security groups
    • Terraform for creating and managing the EKS cluster, including all the extra work for deploying EKS plugin Helm charts, integrating with ALBs, Secrets Manager integration
    • Helm chart for Harpoon itself, allowing us to deploy product infra changes in an atomic manner
    • Full CI/CD with instant deployments using GitHub Actions and Keel
    • All IaC following Terraform and HCL2 best practices, clean modularization, easy management of AWS/k8s secret sync, just add a few lines of config in TF to get secrets synced/imported
  • Product Development
    • Built autodeploy functionality allowing customers to push deployments directly to Harpoon, using a from-scratch Docker Registry proxy in Go
    • Rewrote container build service to use Buildkit with Kubernetes jobs, vastly improving scale and reliability from old method of shelling out to Docker
    • Converted JavaScript codebase to TypeScript, refactoring and repairing problematic JavaScript
    • Nodejs service modernization, rewritten to use async/await, removing promises and complex callback chains
    • Miscellaneous frontend work with AngularJS
  • Developer Productivity
    • Built new developer experience using Devbox, creating a local dev environment that is isolated and reproducible
    • Improved build workflow so that all services could be built with a single `make` instead of many by-hand individual builds in each project

Pulumi Senior Software Engineer

May 2022 — October 2022

Developer Tools

  • Modernized crd2pulumi, a Go CLI tool for generating Pulumi code from Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions
  • Refactoring from hackathon project to a standardized CLI application with full E2E tests and code coverage

HashiCorp Senior Software Engineer

November 2021 — April 2022

Terraform Enterprise

  • E2E test framework development, rewriting Ruby RSpec tests into a custom Go test framework
  • Implemented code coverage for E2E tests, providing developers with coverage of their Rails app even when run from within Go tests

eSentire Inc Software Engineer

April 2018 — October 2021

DevOps/Infrastructure Team

Developer Tools

  • Designed, implemented, and tested escli, a swiss army knife for engineering tasks
  • Git repo composition that works as a replacement for submodules, simpler for devs to understand and use, with a focus on CLI usability
  • Enforces deprecation of repos to encourage keeping dependencies up to date
  • Templating system for creating new projects using Go’s text/template engine
  • Custom, simple package manager for internal tools, cross platform, powered by Artifactory
  • Used by all of engineering for composing repos of any complexity

Terraform and Automation

  • Created solution for multi-account VPC networking CIDR block management with NetBox
    • Wrote Terraform provider for NetBox, focus on e2e tests against real NetBox
    • Made upstream contributions to NetBox for race conditions
    • Automated deployment and update of NetBox into AWS with Terraform and Jenkins
  • Owned design and implementation of infrastructure for esINSIDER
  • Automation for generating Terraform code from existing prod resources then importing the state
  • Created Terraform state management CLI tool to work around state bugs in Terraform 0.11
  • Jenkins scripted pipeline work, such as refactoring old multi-stage Jenkins jobs into scripted pipelines
  • Provided support for the engineering org in their day-to-day use of our development pipeline
  • Made upstream contributions to NetBox

Curalate, Core ServicesDevOps Engineer

April 2017 — Febuary 2018

  • Overhauled ECS cluster management with blue/green cluster deployments and autoscaling
  • Automated ops tasks (e.g. backups, syncs, migrations) with Terraform and AWS Lambda
  • Internal dev tools for working with Terraform, internal CLI development

VMware, Photon Controller Software Engineer, MTS III

January 2014 — May 2016

Open source multi-tenant IaaS for on-premise management of VMs and containers

  • Wrote new CI process for building VM images using Jenkins, Packer, and Vagrant
  • Build optimization of VMs, reducing builds from tens of minutes to 30sec, image size improvements
  • Designed the API for and implemented the Photon Controller Go client SDK, used in the project’s CLI
  • Wrote the plugin for Bosh, Cloud Foundary’s platform-as-a-service

Microsoft, Xbox Live Commercial Services Software Development Engineer

June 2011 — January 2014

  • Refactored legacy Xbox 360 services to run on modern CI/CD with Autopilot (internal Microsoft IaaS)
  • Implemented, tested, and deployed features in services for: user accounts, billing and offering, in-game DLC, TV-on-demand, and others
  • Owned user email preference services, consisting of a REST API, and background jobs for exporting and migrating bulk data
  • Implemented revenue reporting using COSMOS (like Hadoop but with a SQL-like language)