Matthew Olenik

[email protected]

B.S. Software Engineering
Rochester Institute of Technology, 2011


  • Polyglot developer of 9+ years with a focus on backend and infrastructure engineering, with side interests in front-end and machine learning
  • Focused on building developer tools and improving the software lifecycle, from code to deployment and support
  • Passion for correctness in software, advocate for full end-to-end tests and test-driven development
  • Consistently identifies engineering problems and solutions, owning projects from spec/design phase, build, test, document, deployment and support.

Experience at Microsoft (Xbox Live), VMware, Curalate, eSentire

eSentire Inc Software Engineer

April 2018 — Present

DevOps/Infrastructure Team

Developer Tools

  • Designed, implemented, and tested escli, a swiss army knife for engineering tasks
    • Git repo composition that works as a replacement for submodules, simpler for devs to understand and use, with a focus on CLI usability
    • Enforces deprecation of repos to encourage keeping dependencies up to date
    • Templating system for creating new projects using Go’s text/template engine
    • Custom, simple package manager for internal tools, cross platform, powered by Artifactory
    • Used by all of engineering for composing repos of any complexity
    • Led the effort to open source it under the name git-require (public release TBD)
  • Created standard project template for writing new Go CLIs with e2e tests

Terraform and Automation

  • Created solution for multi-account VPC networking CIDR block management with NetBox
    • Wrote Terraform provider for NetBox, focus on e2e tests against real NetBox
    • Made upstream contributions to NetBox for race conditions
    • Automated deployment and update of NetBox into AWS with Terraform and Jenkins
  • Owned design and implementation of infrastructure for esINSIDER
  • Automation for generating Terraform code from existing prod resources then importing the state
  • Created Terraform state management CLI tool to work around state bugs in Terraform 0.11
  • Jenkins scripted pipeline work, such as refactoring old multi-stage Jenkins jobs into scripted pipelines
  • Provided support for the rest engineering in their day-to-day use of our development pipeline

Open Source

  • Spearheaded public engineering blog, coordinated with other engineers to create content
  • Pushed for open sourcing of escli under the name git-require (TBD public date)
  • Made upstream contributions to NetBox

Curalate, Core ServicesDevOps Engineer

April 2017 — Febuary 2018

Platform team owning core services, dev/CLI tools, infrastructure

  • Set standard for AWS Lambdas with scaffolding for writing new, well-tested functions in Python
  • Improved dev tools for working with Terraform, built Docker mixin system to reuse code between QA/PROD (Scala)
  • Overhauled ECS cluster management with blue/green cluster deployments and autoscaling
  • Automated ops tasks (e.g. backups, syncs, migrations) with Terraform and AWS Lambda
  • On-call experience with DataDog, Loggly, CloudWatch

VMware, Photon Controller Software Engineer, MTS III

January 2014 — May 2016

Open source multi-tenant IaaS for on-premise management of VMs and containers

Revamped Build Pipeline & Developer Workflow

  • Simplified Docker deployment pattern for dev and test machines, eliminating manual testing
  • Reduced the ‘vagrant up’ time from 20min to 30sec, dramatically improving developer productivity
  • Reduced the size of the product deliverables (a VM image) from 9gb to 1gb
  • Streamlined build process of VM deliverables using Jenkins and Packer

Built Integration Tools

vCenter Core Team (2014 — 2015)

  • Wrote the interface between UI and vSphere API for new HTML5-based installer in v6.0
  • Fixed bugs and implemented features in a large C++ codebase, worked closely with ESXi

Microsoft, Xbox Live Commercial Services Software Development Engineer

June 2011 — January 2014

  • Refactored legacy Xbox 360 services to run on modern CI/CD with Autopilot, enabling integration with new services for the 2013 holiday release
  • Implemented, tested, and deployed features in services for: user accounts, billing and offering, in-game DLC, TV-on-demand, and others
  • Owned user email preference services, consisting of a REST API, and background jobs for exporting and migrating bulk data
  • Implemented revenue reporting using COSMOS (like Hadoop but with a SQL-like language)

Selected Projects

  • hclq — a tool for querying and modifying Terraform HCL files, similar to jq
  • unity-web-neural-network, simple C# neural network library optimized to run in the browser as JS under Unity 3D

Selected Skills

  • Best with C#, Go, Java, C++, Bash, adept with Scala, Python, Ruby — prefer functional languages
  • Backend service development (mostly REST), CLI and dev tools, occasional frontend in JS
  • Managing complex build pipelines involving Jenkins, Packer, Docker, Terraform, and other tools
  • Building tested infrastructure — writing infra code with tests, as production code
  • On-call engineering, debugging live applications, working production issues