Matthew Olenik

[email protected]

B.S. Software Engineering
Rochester Institute of Technology, 2011

Work Experience

May 2016 — Present
Personal & medical leave

VMware, Photon Controller March 2015 — May 2016

Member of Technical Staff III

Open source multi-tenant IaaS for on-premise management of VMs and containers

Revamped Build Pipeline & Developer Workflow

  • Created a simple Docker deployment pattern for dev and test machines, eliminating costly and cumbersome manual testing
  • Reduced the ‘vagrant up’ time from 20min to 30sec, dramatically improving developer productivity
  • Reduced the size of the product deliverables (a VM image) from 9gb to 1gb
  • Streamlined build process of VM deliverables using Jenkins and Packer

Built Integration Tools

  • Designed the API for and implemented the Go client SDK, used in the PC CLI
  • Wrote the plugin for integrating with Cloud Foundry’s bosh, an open-source PaaS

VMware, vCenter Core January 2014 — March 2015

Member of Technical Staff III

  • Wrote the interface between UI and vSphere API for new HTML5-based installer in v6.0
  • Fixed bugs and implemented features in a large C++ codebase, worked closely with ESXi

Microsoft, Xbox LIVE Commercial Services June 2011 — January 2014

Software Development Engineer

  • Refactored legacy Xbox 360 services, moving from by-hand deployment to continuous delivery with Autopilot — enabling integration with modern services for the 2013 holiday release
  • Implemented, tested, and deployed features in services covering: user accounts, billing and offering, in-game DLC, TV-on-demand, and others
  • Owned user email preference services, consisting of a REST API, and background jobs for exporting and migrating bulk data
  • Implemented revenue reporting using COSMOS, aggregating data across services to provide insight into cost of outages
  • Supported team services in production, both during on-call duty and during releases

Skills & Projects


  • Strong familiarity with C#, C++, Go, and Java
  • Scripting with PowerShell and bash/sh
  • Passing familiarity with Python and Ruby (build tools, scripts, etc.)
  • Build and dev tools such as MSBuild, Gradle, Vagrant, Packer
  • MS SQL debugging during on-call support
  • Continuous integration and deployment


  • Web development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • General AWS and Azure familiarity


  • Winston — alternative package manager for Windows
  • Rollaround — simple neural network library
  • NativeInjector — .NET library for DLL injection
  • Others on GitHub